Jeep Grand One Concept SUV

Jeep Grand One Concept SUV
- ZJ-generation SUV is getting a new outlook on life, this is getting after 25 years since original Jeep Grand Cherokee arrived, part of Jeep’s 2017 Easter Jeep Safari haul that brings a bit of modern off-road equipment to the now-old-school sport-utility

- a fresh idea for Jeep to pay homage to the history of its more luxury-oriented off-roader

- a lovely light-blue hue, original boxy profile,

- modifications include slightly restyled front and rear bumpers, 18-inch gold wheels, fender flares, subtle woodgrain-look siding

- SUV with stretched the wheelbase, 33-inch BFGoodrich tires, locking front and rear differentials for maximum off-road prowess

- 5.2-liter V-8, four-speed automatic transmission

- interior, few changes to the rectilinear dashboard, a car phone, an old Nintendo Game Boy, plaid-pattern headliner

- classic Jeep grille has eight slots, rather than the current seven-slot iteration

- the Grand One concept will hit the trail in April