Brabus Business Lounge Van

Brabus Business Lounge Van
- Mercedes-Benz V-class lavish van Business Lounge makes its debut at the 2017 Geneva auto show, this van seperates two front seats from the rear compartment with a partition wall and a glass window with electronically variable opacity

- 40-inch TV can slide over the window and can display content from an Apple TV, a PlayStation 4, or passengers’ devices

- heated and ventilated four seats in the rear quarters, the VIP chairs facing the TV

- van includes a massage function, fully adjustable from a seated position to a lay-flat, airplane-style sleeping berth

- also fits less adjustable a pair of jump seats that face backward

- VIP seat with a control panel mounted, to control opacity of the partition and side windows to overhead reading lights and the TV

- a built-in coffeemaker, refrigerator and bar, while an LTE data connection and Wi-Fi router

- the cupholders in back can be heated or cooled

- Brabus’s PowerXtra D4 performance kit, 2.1-liter diesel engine, 232 hp, 376 lb-ft, sport exhaust, quad outlets, Business Lounge is capable of 130 mph

- Brabus-designed aluminum wheels, modified front bumper to reduce aerodynamic lift at higher speeds

- starts at €298,000, Euro-market only