Ford F-150 Electric And Ford Mustang Electric By 2020

Ford F-150 Electric And Ford Mustang Electric By 2020
Electrification is approaching to two of the most iconic automobiles the Ford Mustang and the Ford F-150. Ford CEO Mark Fields published official ideas for a Mustang hybrid and a F-150 hybrid, confirming gossips that have revolved for years about both versions. These two gas-electric versions, both of which will be made in Michigan, will launch by 2020 and are part of Ford’s $4.5 billion finance to introduce 13 brand-new electrified automobiles globally during that period.

Ford says that the F-150 hybrid will arrive first, going on selling by 2020 in North America and the Middle East. Although information aren’t accessible yet, its drivetrain will use a turbocharged EcoBoost fuel motor along with electric engines to give mighty towing and explosive capability and can operate as a mobile generator, as per Ford.

The Mustang hybrid, intended to beginning in 2020 with sales commencing at some time after that, will also be made in Michigan, at the even Rock plant that builds the actual version of the Mustang and this hybrid would give V-8 energy, double formulation that could convey two things, either a drivetrain with a gas V-8 accessory by electric engines, or a four- or six-cylinder gas motor tied with electric engines to give energy illustrations cognition to that of a V-8.

Given the moment framework of the hybrid's beginning, it likely will be based on the next aeon of the Mustang. The Mustang and F-150 hybrids are one way of Ford’s electrification move, the company also published ideas for an all-electric SUV and hybrid autonomous automobiles and cop automobiles.

We expect more at these front at upcoming CES show.