2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty Pickup Drive Review

2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty Pickup Drive Review
An arguably enormous effort has been brewing as Ford prepares to merchandise the 2017 F-series Super Duty this year. Dense-duty trucks are huge enterprises, like supercars, and sell on equally huge figures. Perceivers the effective Super Duty’s 925 lb-ft of torque from its elective diesel motor and a limit towing capability of 32,500 pounds, both of which currently infielder the all important collection-leading heading. While the segment’s insistent one-upmanship among Ford, General Motors and pushed usually ensures that no contestant can claim that symbol for long, the first all-brand-new Super Duty in 18 years also is one astute and great creature. The accumulation to the 2017 Super Duty commenced nearly a year ago with Ford’s merchandise details, followed by flows of determining and tool message for F-250 and F-350 models, along with their enormous towing and hauling appraisals.

Our first real-world experience, however, acted us to Denver, Colorado, where Ford educated us in the school that went into modifying virtually every feature of its huge wheels, including a mighty framework, brand-new aluminum body, and a gathering of smart, real-world designing mixtures. These regulating automobiles structure over most humans and lesser trucks with fortified underpinnings that wouldn’t look out of place on a peterbilt. Being on the version, general magnitudes be much as before, rescue for a few more inches of spacing and general length. The Super Duty’s audacious and businesslike design more closely resembles the effective F-150 than did last year’s version.

For the first moment, the huge trucks offer constant, diversified and full unit compartments comparable to their light-duty sects, which translates to about 4.0, 6.0, and 3.0 inches of more length, respectively, versus the already cavernous compartments of the outbound trucks. Most of the Super Duty’s expanse job translates into increased retention space and benevolent assets of rear legroom on four-door trucks. The gigantic improvement for conservatives may be the barrier emblems, which now make version names vertically instead of horizontally. All of the capital body sheets are now made of high-strength aluminum yet are more beefy than those on the F-150. Although the regulate to aluminum from alloy reduces mass by as much as 350 pounds, some of the weight rescued has been balance by an immobile framework, mighty shafts and mixture elements, increased features, and enormous fuel tanks, now as enormous as 48 gallons on some models. The Super Duty’s elective, turbocharged 6.7-liter PowerStroke engineer V-8 ($8595) makes up 60 proportion of sales and is even more eerily peaceful than before. Revised with fresh regulate app, a brand-new fuel-injection wield and appliances, and a large turbo, it now produces 440 horsepower at 2800 rpm and 925 lb-ft of torque at 1800 rpm. Ford’s TorqShift six-speed automatic with modified adjusting is the only transmission preference.

Some compression-ignition noise remains, but it stays in the backdrop, and you can move on an unconcerned speech without talking while standing next to the motor claim with the truck running. Those feeling 18-wheeler imaginations with old-school diesel motor growls should stop by a pushed merchant. The PowerStroke’s energy builds lazily before approaching on in a warm flow of pushed. Translations from the automatic shell are appropriately compact yet nicely played to keep the boost flowing and engine pulling. Along with the motor restraint, initiating the tow/haul function on the column shifter sharpens the tranmission’s app to increase towing energy, as well as downshifting and holding gears longer to acceptable oversee loads while moving down on hills. A diesel F-350 4x4 unit-space dualie we rode entangled only slightly levied by a 10,000-pound stallion idler, and even an akin F-450 pulling a 15-ton curve flatbed could speed up a respectable rank with ease.

The F-250 Platinum entangled as fast as some family sedans but with the bonus of a seemingly non-stop amount of utter accessible at any speed. A truck like the one we rode should be just as fast at the try-out line as the effective baking implements in the diesel dense-duty collection, the small, lightweight Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD and GMC Sierra 2500 HD, which race to 60 mph in just over seven seconds. While we had borderline vulnerability to Ford’s standard 6.2-liter V-8, it’s an able motor with 385 horses and 430 lb-ft of torque, well met to the lightweight and off-road—side of the huge truck’s duty cycle. Broad fuel economy should enhance slightly for both motors, but the EPA doesn’t demand fuel-economy experimenting for automobiles with a GVWR over 8500 pounds, and real-world returns vary widely being on a truck’s design and usage.

Along with its mile-high chairing point and abundant assets of sound isolation, the F-250’s on-road condition is surprisingly composed, which allowed us to acceptable concentrations on the elective treatment feature from the Platinum’s rich leather rooms. Drive standard on creaseless mountain anchorages was quite good for a truck having live shafts, one that can pull true tons in its pickup supplied. There’s some elasticities and head fling over shocks, but the rewritten coil-spring front and leaf-spring rear mixtures quickly creaseless out bumps from crinkled surfaces. Load a long-spacing F-250’s bed with a few hundred pounds and it does an estimable appearance of a really gangling SUV. Along with beefier shafts and connections, the brand-new Super Duty’s large, fully encase framework—95 proportion of which is made of high-strength alloy provides the integral point, even when moving over off-road hindrances and passing framework-twisting excavations. The Super Duty’s complete magnitude and general perfection diminish its perception of speed, often proving in rates much large than evaluated. Fortunately, a compact restraint pedal and large expressed disc brakes (14.3 inches in length both front and rear) remove even filled down torque with certainty. Uncomplicated cathartics plays a leading duty when moving a truck this enormous on the road and in lines, but the immobile framework permits a large awareness of disposition and steadiness in turns. And any merit in front-end feel ascribable to GM’s unique private front mixture on four-wheel-drive trucks is greatly diminished by Ford’s brand-new variable-ratio equipment for the hydraulically supported steering system, which was met to every Super Duty we rode on the road.

Steering consequences entangled accurate and direct, with some effective road feel transferred through the steering wheel. More all-important, low-speed mobility is greatly upgraded, demanding fewer twirls of the wheel to point the truck on a firm path, meander through a constricting putting lot, or reverse a 30-foot covered idler. The system increases the steering ratio at high accelerates for large steadiness and it does so even further when the tow/haul method is initiated so as not to touched a dense weight. An adult of accessible safety and comfort features includes full LED lightning, lane-departure informing and adaptive cruise regulate that can automatically restraint to maintain following spacing with traffic ahead even when the truck is fully filled. Blind-spot observing also is supplied and doesn’t activate erroneously when towing idlers up to 33 feet long. Because towing is of such value, at least to marketplace bays, Ford designed the Super Duty’s received hitch to control its limit of 21,000 pounds without needing an ill-natured, weight-distributing affection.

Other astute taps include accessible LED spotlights in the mirrors, bed and gate, as well as up to six cameras separated about the out, seven if you include the elective rearview idler-camera ability. In trucks so supplied, the Super Duty driver can examination the out from almost every space via the 8.0-inch important touchscreen, which along with the remote tailgate merchandise and highly adaptable out mirrors, allows for individual hookups to most idlers. While the Super Duty’s hydraulic-assist steering isn’t accordant with the F-150’s alternate idler-reversing knob, the huge trucks do feature a smart advice system that overlays a realistic steering wheel on the rearview-camera picture and recommends signals for dead-straight backing of the idler.

The Super Duty’s modified indoor is structural above all else, with lots of retention options, uncomplicated engineerings, and enormous knobs and buttons easily directed while wearing gloves. All of the trucks we rode were high-trim models, excelled by the Platinum and its faux all-metal and wood pronunciations, abundant soft-touch surfaces and leather covering. A newly elective 8.0-inch color display in the device agglomeration provides an excess of gauge options and message readouts within an uncomplicated menu design. We particularly like the component of Ford’s Sync 3 screen, the convertible two-into-four cupholders in the area console, aggregate 110-volt energy outlets with up to 400 watts and an important retention space enormous enough for laptops or a full case of beverages.

For those whose work takes them into untidy environs, Ford also now offers on all trims a premium latex floor covering for uncomplicated cleanup. As in the F-150, the unit space brings full rear-seat space and a completely even floor, which can be optioned with a full-width, locking retention space that collapses when not needed. The Super Duty’s excess of options and designs means there is an equipment for just about any need, with values increasing slightly across the board. Basal, rear-wheel drive, constant-space fuel F-250s and F-350s begin at $33,730 and $34,900, respectively, with the F-450 (4x4, diesel and crew cab) opening at $55,140.

Intended on disbursing about $50K for a mid-level unit-space four-by-four, but go mad with the mores and a F-450 can come $90,000. Ford says it put more improvement into the 2017 F-series Super Duty more than 12 million try-out miles—than any other automobile it’s ever created, which may give the brand-new truck a boundary over its crosstown contestants in beautiful much every route.

Ram’s dense-duty trucks are currently adjacent to Ford’s in statuses of appraisals (900 lb-ft of torque, 31,210 pounds of towing).

Starting Price F-250($33,730), F-350($34,900), F-450($55,140)
Vehicle Type 2 or 4 door pickup, front engine, rear or rear-/4-wheel-drive
Engine -- SOHC 16-valve 6.2-liter V-8, 385 hp, 430 lb-ft, --turbocharged, intercooled pushrod 32-valve 6.7-liter diesel V-8, 440 hp, 925 lb-ft
Transmission 6-speed automatic, manual shifting mode
Wheelbase 141.6-176.0 in
Length 231.8-266.2 in
Width 80.0-96.0 in
Height 77.8-81.5 in
Curb weight 5700-8600 lb
Passenger volume 68-136 cu ft
0-60 mph 7.0-8.2 sec
Top speed 100 mph