Koenigsegg Do Suspension Adjustment Remotely

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Koenigsegg isn’t the only manufacturer to use Öhlins plates, but it uses them like no other company. Koenigsegg’s plates are electronically adaptable, which isn’t especial, but the company’s plant can alter them remotely online regardless of where the automobile is in the world.

That means you could be at the Nürburgring in Germany, call the Koenigsegg plant in Sweden, and have technicians there change plate environments over the breeze to adjust your choices, all without a physical relation to the automobile.

The Swedish supercar creator information that and much more in a brand-new diary post about its mixture and subframe technology. The blog features all categories of tidy information on mixture geometry, anti-roll bars, and why the company doesn’t use carbon material to make subframes, but we’re especially fascinated by the plates. In component to the remote-adjustment ability, Koenigsegg can pre-program the automobile to make microadjustments for perfect performance.

Each corner can be regulated independently via these plates for steer dimension, jolt and movement. If you’re proceeding into a corner on a line, for instance, the system can be set to preload the plate half a second before that corner to give the champion grasping prior to the automobile collecting steering input. It’s a lot of equipment work, but it’s all feasible, as per Koenigesegg’s PR male Steven.

Other automobiles use GPS technology in their mixtures, Teslas supplied with air springs can automatically elevate and debased in definite venues but not the way Koenigsegg does. At least, not in street automobiles. If you follow Koenigsegg closely, you know that company uses all categories of futuristic technology like this, typically in the motion of speed.