2018 Volkswagen Arteon CC Successor Distinctive Production Version

2018 Volkswagen Arteon CC Successor Distinctive Production Version
Volkswagen’s CC signs the brand’s first opening at a so-called four-door coupe, the increasingly present more-stylish-than- a sedan information and the model is, well, aged. Introduced in 2008, the CC is long due for substitution. That’s approaching next year, along with a name change to Arteon. So far Volkswagen has released only a handful of design drawings representing the Arteon and declared that we’ll see the vehicle at the 2017 Geneva auto show. But we have distinctive images of what the act model will look like. Earlier we informed Arteon hand drawing concept.

In keeping with the CC, the Arteon is debased and appears longer than Volkswagen’s akin-size thought Passat sedan. Our image, which incorporates components from VW’s publicized design drawings, shows the Arteon with a bewitching full-width opening that mixes into the headlights, subtly battleful breeze intakes and muscular barrier projections front and breed. While the CC was a sedan-finish with a little stalk opening acknowledgments to its steeply moved breed framework, the Arteon will be a hatchback, which not only allows for a more helpful merchandise opening but also an even sleeker chart.

The roofline flows nearly unbroken down past the lamps to the breed glassware, with a dandified ducktail campaigner giving the look some structure. An elective glassware roof is surely on the table, and one is included in these images. The strong haunches over the breed wheels are purely aesthetic. The Arteon will be front-wheel drive likely with all-wheel as an option, just like the CC. Also like the CC, which was made off the Passat’s bones back when the U.S. model of that sedan was the same as its Europe-marketplace relative,

the Arteon will be Passat based. The good information is that Volkswagen is avoiding today’s U.S. marketplace Passat for the future next-generation Euro-marketplace Passat. So the Arteon will use a were deviation of the same high-quality MQB platform that sits beneath the Volkswagen Golf roll.

A four-cylinder turbocharged gas motor is a shoo-in for the U.S. marketplace Arteon, as well as VW’s dual-clutch automatic transmission. It is questionable that VW will offer a stick-shift option as it did with the CC, given the Arteon’s more premium rank than even that model. Determining should commence in the debased- to middle-$30,000 space, in akin realm to Toyota’s Avalon, Nissan’s Maxima and entry-luxury vehicles such as the Acura TLX.