2017 Hyundai Accent Value Edition, Good Value

2017 Hyundai Accent Value Edition
Hyundai’s luxury brand Genesis may be tilling position in the top reaches of the mart, but the Korean company has not overseen its normal base roots. The 2017 Hyundai Accent Value Edition, a name-new version of the Accent sedan with a good weight of features for the debased value of just $17,285. That’s only $705 more than the base-version Hyundai Accent SE automobile with a six-speed automatic transmission (the Value Edition doesn’t offer a manual transmission).

The little more payment adds 16-inch aluminum wheels, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise command, procreate disc brakes, steering-wheel audio regulates and a armrest retention container. Not bad for less than $18,000 new edition, although it’s still missing a backup camera, which isn’t accessible on any Accent sedan or Accent hatchback models irrespective of trim stages.

If you’re an adversary who doesn’t need those more features, the more spartan Accent SE with a six-speed manual transmission can be had for $15,580, while opting for the Accent SE car adds $250 to that whole. The Accent hatchback also offers a sport stage, which has omitted its manual transmission option for 2017 version and now comes only with a six-speed automatic transmission for $18,330.

Hyundai typically adds these categories of Value Edition encase transactions when an automobile is approaching the extremity of its being. So if this name-new trim stage isn’t quite the mind-blowing Accent information you were waiting for, know that a redesigned version should be within the next year or so.