Innovative Ideas From Ford's Mobility Challenge

Innovative Ideas From Ford's Mobility Challenge
In second year, Ford publicized a last Mile Mobility Challenge. Employees were delegate to imagination up alternatives to walking that could get people from a train, bus, or park car to their ends. Among the 633 proposals that reached in, Ford specified these three, a autonomous electric seat that can stow itself a legitimately good concept, an electric tricycle that can also be used as a golf-bag career or as a shopping companion and what’s basically a Roomba with a face that you stand on and steer, or a Segway without the control.

The eChair. If you’ve ever been in a seat or accompanied someone who uses one, you know that the world is not very accomodating. This is particularly actual if the seat organism is alone and needs to use a car. The process of delegate out of the seat into the driver’s seat, then packing the seat and perhaps staff or a hiker, can become a leading perturbation.

The eChair beautiful much eliminates all that searching around. Once an organism is chaired inside the car, he or she can use a smartphone app or regulates made into the car’s info unit to express the seat to drive itself to the stalk and automatically store itself.
here engineers from Ford’s Belgium brought up this eChair. It’s actually sensational something this dianoetic hasn’t been invented already. It could make a lot of people’s lives much uncomplicated.

Second one is the TriCiti, which is literally just a folding electric tricycle that can also be used as a golf-bag wagon or an obtaining friend or to transport dense parts. The TriCiti, imagined up by three car-architecture employees from Ford of Europe, has a 19-mile range and a 12-mph top speed. This is not an evil concept, if you can imagine it could be made at debased enough outgo to make it something more than a toy for the distinct picture book.


The Carr-E, a collection of a Roomba knockoff and those things people incorrectly call hoverboards that you steer from your car to your office, or Taco Bell, or wherever a car won’t meet and walking is too uninteresting. This work reached from the cognition of Ford systems engineer Kilian Vas and it comestibles away nicely in that handy space that used to hold the thin tire that manufacturers don’t give you anymore. As per Vas, Carr-E could aid peoples park farther out from moved municipality areas and elude untidy midtown traffic conserves. Like the eChair, there’s smartphone connectivity like the TriCiti, it can also be used as a tiny robotic manservant to transport your things, being close by following an electronic transmissiter which you move with you.

No production plans by Ford yet on any of these ides.