Lexus Sriracha IS

Lexus Sriracha IS
Lexus has increased some preservative to its entry-level sports sedan segment with the Sriracha IS, this is a sriracha baking condiment themed Lexus IS.

The Sriracha IS brings the cloying and tasty ingredients of Huy Fong Foods’ name sauce to the automotive market. Wearing an overgarment of red colorant that has been mixed with effective Sriracha baking hot sauce, the Sriracha IS also includes Sriracha bottle cap green pronunciations on the opening surround, restraint calipers and out mirrors.

Inside, the Sriracha IS provides improvements as a Sriracha like liquid molded steering wheel, rooms decorated with Sriracha-inspired pronunciations including the chicken trademark, temperature environments for the heated rooms and climate commands that sums up making Sriracha hot and a driving-method knob that includes a Sriracha settings in place of the car’s Sport setting.

Sriracha fans aren’t looking just for some category of style, they want to sensation the sauce’s pleasing mix of dish peppers, sweetening, compound, garlic and vinegars. So Lexus fits the Sriracha IS with an important key fob with Remote crisis Sriracha Activation which dispenses Sriracha from a spout find at the top of the key fob. There are also 43 vessels of Sriracha loaded in the car’s stalk. T

There’s no communication that Lexus actually has sort out plans to put the Sriracha IS into production.