Volkswagen Passat GT concept

Volkswagen Passat GT concept
Volkswagen Passat users are fastened between a rock and a rigid place. They can appoint either the energy benefits of the car’s elective 280-hp 3.6-liter VR6 V-6 motor or looks that come with the four-cylinder-only R-Line cut. Unfortunately, they can’t have both. With the show of the aggressive-looking V-6 energy Volkswagen Passat GT idea at the 2016 Los Angeles auto show, though, it seems Volkswagen is preparing to give its consumers the possibility to have their energy and show it, too. With looks induced by the Golf GTI and the Jetta GLI, the Passat GT is inspired by Volkswagen’s mighty V-6 motor connected to a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Although energy is idempotent, don’t doubt the motor’s quality to move the Passat with dominance.

We quantified a Passat V-6 from zero to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds earlier this year. The Passat GT makes that quality more obvious with out information that include an opening with red pronunciation formations, the top of which integrate with the GT’s LED headlights as well as a mean-looking front clip with looking intakes.

Distinguishing with its white-painted body, the Passat GT’s black roof, reflector caps, stalk campaigner and framework surrounds construction color lamps, 10-spoke 19-inch wheels, red restraint calipers and two trapezoidal gas exhaust ends, proving in a family sedan car that looks properly alarming.

Inside, carbon-fiber cut on the doors, two-tone rooms, a black headliner and piano-black center-console cut support set the idea’s indoor apart from the more ordinary gifts found in the Passat SE V-6 and SEL V-6 versions. While the Passat GT is largely a styling collection, Volkswagen did decrease the idea sedan’s drive dimension by 0.6 inch and moved on a sports gas exhaust system.

No assurance the Passat GT will ever see the light of day, Volkswagen acknowledges that the version ads a latent component to the Passat roll. Frankly, we’d gamble on a GT like Passat showing up in Volkswagen next year to give users another alternative to the Ford Fusion Sport and the future 2018 Toyota Camry TRD.