2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA250

2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA250
Came into spotlight in 2014 model year, it’s based on a front-wheel-steer platform overlapped with the GLA crossover and the Europe market A-class hatchback car. Beside a Metris van, the Mercedes-Benz CLA250 sedan car is the most cheap route to rock a brand-new Mercedes-Benz.

The CLA’s shape impersonators that of the large, twice-as-expensive CLS, both are sedan cars in the four-door coupe mold that Mercedes began with the genuine CLS. Although there’s an evil AMG CLA45 deviation with 375 horsepower, the regular CLA250 uses a retiring, 208-hp model of its 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four joined to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission with either front or 4MATIC all-wheel steer as in our experiment automobile. With a commencing value of only $33,325, the CLA puts a groomed body behind a seven-inch-wide star prominently attached to a chromium-studded opening.

We haven’t experimented a CLA yet and neither of those preceding 2015 vehicles was as lavishly optioned as this instance. At $50,250, our 2017 CLA250 4MATIC analyzed so many containers that it nearly equaled the CLA45’s base figures. A well-equipped C300 4MATIC would be more absorbing at this value and a base E300 is only a pair superb more. But model representation is communal. Preference reigns at Mercedes-Benz and the CLA is the commencing component.

Insignificant changes abound for the 2017 model year. At the front, the bumper adds a distinguishing part in black, silver or chromium. LED headlights, as on our automobile, are elective ($850) and include revised LED taillamps. Trapezoidal gas exhaust ends now meet even to the breed bumper. The wheel designs and the Lunar Blue all-metal colorant on our automobile also are brand-new.

Inside, Mercedes increased more silver-painted switchgear and exchanged in a brand-new riding wheel, rewritten instrument cluster gauges and changed the seat covering. A thin 8.0-inch infotainment screen is standard, regenerating the little, thick-bordered display on earlier vehicles. The ambient lightening can control among a dozen colors. The only momentous weaponry changes are standard automated crisis stopping and Dynamic Select drive methods. The latter alters riding effort, valve representing, transmission translation cognition and in versions with adaptable mixture ($850), as in our experiment automobile, it will control the plates between two strength stages. Frameless door crystal and that curvaceous chart aren’t perceived on other entry-level vehicles. There’s hardly a straight-edged formation to be found, yet nothing is agitated. It’s a dandified, communicative style matching of a Mercedes.

Our experiment automobile’s brown leather and contrast handicraft ($1650) made the CLA’s indoor more arousing than the accustomed all-black environs. The COMAND interface uncomplicated to use and include the latest technology as Wi-Fi connectivity and elective Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Acceleration is adequate and the 2.0-liter’s 258 lb-ft of limit torque is enough to zip this 3400-pound automobile along with ease. Touching the paddles elicits fast downshifts from the dual-clutch shell than the lazier automatics in other Mercedes commodities. The riding coefficient has upgraded from the overly dense efforts on earlier CLA versions, it’s comfortably light without being overly sensitive to little signals and the automobile tracks actual on the freeway. Controlling is superb with borderline body spin, stopping performance, from the compact ride to the abbreviated stopping spacing, is another powerful component.

With its fashionable debased roofline, this automobile might as well have only two doors, canines and kids are the only ones cozy in back. But space is the least of the CLA’s disadvantages. Almost everything beneath the beautiful out, from the uttering motor to the weak hold room under the hood, betrays the CLA’s debased fund. The sport mixture and Pirelli all-season latex do the CLA no favors on rough anchorages, where it noises over shocks while motions fill the compartment. On creaseless pavement, our thoughts turn to the distributive roadway and loop sound. The transmission is abrasive in specific a clunky sound going into first wheel at every stop, had us hankering for Mercedes-Benz’s conventional automatics, whose gearchanges seem lub with butter.

We moved in those high-back rooms attempting to find a relaxing neck position, only to be pushed by the top portion’s battleful forward struggle. While the commands hold the accustomed Mercedes tactile standard, they’re set within thinly soft rests and touched by hard platics. Even with a lightweight option weight than was on our instance, the CLA still plays too close to brand-new, more affluent and better-built Mercedes-Benzes.

Starting Price CLA250 ($33,325), CLA250 4MATIC ($35,325)
Vehicle Type 4 door sedan, front engine, front or 4 wheel drive
Engine -- turbocharged, intercooled DOHC 16-valve 2.0-liter inline-4, direct fuel injection
Transmission 7-speed dual-clutch automatic, manual shifting mode
Horsepower 208 hp @ 5500 rpm
Torque 258 lb-ft @ 1250 rpm
Displacement 122 cu in, 1991 cc
Wheelbase 106.3 in
Length 182.3 in
Width 70.0 in
Height 56.6 in
Curb weight 3300-3450 lb
Passenger volume 80 cu ft
Cargo volume 13 cu ft
Fuel economy (city/highway) 23-24/32-36 mpg