Ford F-150 Lineups At SEMA

Ford F-150 Lineups At SEMA
Ford will have more than 50 show vehicles at SEMA show in Las Vegas in November and among them will be these four F-150 pickups. Before we see the effective transactions, have a look at these four made transformations of America’s best-selling pikcup.

Hulst Customs EraThr3 F-150
Hulst Customs follows the lowrider content of making truck trucks completely futile for work. Such is the case with this SuperCrew V-8 sitting on 26s. A breezed mixture can elevate the gear from Shelby-level ground clearance, should the driver want to effort the engine’s 750 stallions.

Bojix Design F-150 Raptor
California’s Bojix Design does an aftermarket take on the plant Ford F-150 Raptor, with a seven-inch raise, Fox Racing shocks and enhances to the turbos, intercoolers and gas exhaust that transport an unspecified energy jolt to the 3.5-liter V-6. The gray and orange colorant arrives just in moment for Halloween. But those obnoxiously shinny LED light bars should have been left in the shop rather than fastened on top of the bumper.

A.R.E. Accessories Gold Standard F-150
The Treasury hasn’t kept a gold standard since Franklin Roosevelt held office, yet the construction itself continues to hold weight. While there’s no information of gold crystals within the colorant, Ohio’s A.R.E. supplements still might contend this jacked-up F-150 with the energy-raising supplied cover is the last word in gold-colored pickup.

BMX F-150
This is Ford’s take on what feat bicyclists would steer. It even comes with thin bike frameworks, environments, helmets and clothing, along with GoPro cameras that attach in different points. Fabtech Dirt Logic bumps with remote supplies control tract that would make an effective BMW projection.