Venturi VBB-3 Is Now World's Fastest Electric Vehicle

Venturi VBB-3 Is Now World's Fastest Electric Vehicle
Land speed records have been plummeting by the edge at the Bonneville Salt Flats as another team has claimed FIA world speed record.
Earlier Honda S Dream Streamliner Became Fastest Car Honda Ever Made. There’s an awareness of information with this team because it’s Venturi, the same costume that has already ended the world EV speed record several times before. It did so in 2009 and again in 2010. Now it’s done it for the third moment with the VBB-3 Venturi Buckeye Bullet which knocked an impressive normal of 341 mph on its path to moving an undignified top speed of 358 mph at the Salt Flats. To put things in orientation, the last moment Venturi set the EV land speed record in 2010, it affixed a normal speed of 307 mph with the VBB-2.5. That was six years ago. The team formed comprises the Monaco-based company and students from Ohio State University, had initially intended to use the VBB-3 as early as 2013, but those ideas were ran by weather contexts that prevented the team from making any clear runs. Team tried in 2015 with 240 mph only.

Team insist to hit 400 mph while FIA world speed record is of 341 mph. 400 mph sounds undignified when you think about it but is actually within the sights of Venturi with the becoming modifications moved on the carbon fiber-clad VBB-3. It’s rigid to imagine a vehicle that already produces 3,000 horsepower and over 2,000 lb-ft of torque to pack even more energy, but that’s the goal the team is attempting for. Given how case it was to wait three years before unleashing the VBB-3, there’s no stopping Venturi from earning its goal of ending the 400 mph obstruction.

A big congratulations to Venturi and student at Ohio State University for moving this FIA world speed record. It’s rigid to imagine a vehicle of any category come a top speed of 300 rate, but for the VBB-3 to easily stroke past that on its path to a normal speed of 341 mph on a flying mile speaks to the unbelievable work that the team has put into its record-moving run.

Having 3,000 horsepower and over 3,500 pounds of batteries helps in achieving goal, but none of those things should take away what motorist Roger Schroer and the whole Venturi team completed. Given how much moment and effort was put into this try, including a three year what for the outstanding surface conditions, I’m not going to be the first one to scoff at the team’s try to end the 400 mph obstruction. I can’t imagine anything with wheels going that swift but thinking what Venturi just completed with this brand-new FIA world speed record. I don’t know when that’s going to be or how many pauses Venturi will face this moment, but if it use the same amount of feeling, patience, and discovery that they showed in moving this brand-new record, that standard speed could be ended sooner than later.