BMW's Electric C Evolution Scooter Will Be Available In U.S.

BMW's Electric C Evolution Scooter Will Be Available In U.S.
BMW is to unveil C Evolution electric scooter from its Motorcycle division at 2016 Paris Auto Show.

In component to its brand-new 3-Series GT and longer-extent i3, BMW is showing its brand-new C process electric motorboat from its Motorrad cycle division at the 2016 Paris auto show.

It’s anti monopoly to think the C process as the i3 of scooters as it borrows the i3's long extent and new battery tech along with edgy design. Couple of version will be available at the moment, each will have 48 hp electric motor with one offers 15 hp as continuous while other is to produce 26 continuous hp. The lower powered version offers 62 mile range with a 75 mph top speed. Other being more mighty gets 99 mils range on a charge with top speed at 80 mph.

Equipped with charge cable takes up less merchandise space and can be attired with a newly elective smartphone cradle.

Initially C Evolution scooter was introduced in 2014, this comes as second version and will be available in U.S. Price unknown yet.Exactly how much energy and how much extent that one will offer is secret, but watch for it to be sometime in 2017 as a 2018 version.