Apple Laying Off Employees from Autonomous Driving Project

Apple Laying Off Employees from Autonomous Driving Project
More than dozen of team members has been moved off by Apple from Autonomous driving project.

Its been heard as Apple has shut down environments of the drive in a strive to focus its strategy. No response from Apple yet on this issue. The institution has been uncommunicative about its automotive work, unlike Google, which has been publicly experimenting its autonomous technology since 2014.

Gossips about Apple’s car project named Titan, have been circulating since old Apple worker and former Ford engine Co. person Steven Zadesky was touched to govern the drive two years ago. Zadesky left Apple in January for personal reasons, Bob Mansfield replaced Zadesky, who had assisted create commodities such as the MacBook Air laptop and the iPad. Since Mansfield acted over, the work has shifted to creating the technology for autonomous drive from making a whole car.

Under Zadesky, the important features of the work were evaluated to be signed off on by Apple people by 2019.

Even Tesla is going to provide over the air update with freshen up radar role in Autopilot technology. Volvo is going to test their first autonomous car in next week.