Patent Filed By Google, Real Time Active Emergency Vehicle Detection System

Patent Filed By Google, Real Time Active Emergency Vehicle Detection System
Its a complex process to build free steering or autonomous driving technology, involves confronting many message and details.
Everybody uses different approach to develop this technology. Google is being as much as it has registered a document to assist autonomous driving to detect emergency vehicles available on roads and act as required in the event its self-driving cars on road. Being registered in 2014.

A system and method is provided for detecting and responding to emergency vehicles. One or more computing devices may identify a set of lights sources from an image based at least in part on one or more templates and may filter the set of light sources in order to identify one of more light sources corresponding to a potential emergency vehicle. The system Google is creating transactions with accepting the special radiating structures from emergency car, be it a fire truck, police car, an ambulance, and acting act to allow these cars to pass through by stopping or moving aside on road.

The process in determining a set of light points and determining the nature of the light points is an admittedly untrustworthy latent, for autonomous cars. Google’s system, while absorbing in the same manner as any school connected to autonomous driving, aims to process all of this message in as abbreviated a moment as viable, giving its self-steering automobiles enough moment to take act in the event act is seen essential.

That expressed, lot more challenges involved to a system to understand, act in precise manner in specific situation, such as ambulance or police car which moved over a different car ahead does not demand and insist system to act, where as an
emergency vehicle fastened in traffic is going to be strenuous to navigate around without making some latent contents with other cars stuck in the same state.

Thanks to Google, for anticipating need of such system. At this stage development is at immature level, will be more challenging and interesting to see how Google system deal with all unseen and assumed situations.