Japan To Produce 3-D Maps Of Roads For Autonomous Cars

Japan To Produce 3-D Maps Of Roads For Autonomous Cars
Japan planning to have autonomous cars by 2020, government is commencing to produce 3-D maps for these cars. Along with mapmaker Zenrin, Dynamic Map Planning and nine manufacturers is to collect digital chart of highways by riding a vehicle filled with distinctive analyzing tool. Maps will be produced based on data collected by analyzing tools and given to each automaker, initially Dynamic Map Planning is to produce maps for 300 kms. 3D road maps production is part of Innovation Promotion Program led by government.

Exact point determination of road and vehicle remains key for autonomous cars, 3-D representations, based on examination collections of roadway ranks, structures, amass and other signals, offer highly exact collections that can be used to determine positions.

For instance, the representations will notify car to slow down in advance of traffic light after a distinct turn and prevent traffic symptom by speeding cars on slopes. Although devices can assist cars navigate within ways and prevent noises with cars in front, acceptance non accomplishments still present a difficulty. It is strenuous for devices to deal with analyzable roadway structures, such as freeway off ramps, because they cannot determine which is the right-turn way among several road lanes.

Navigation system to display 3-D representations, however, they need exactness and collections. In cases where lifted freeways are find above a vehicle, navigation system often shows an erroneous area of the vehicle. High-resolution 3-D representations and devices will enable the exact perception of which way a vehicle is in and the spacing to junctions.

High-exactness analyzing technology is demanded to make the representations, so Mitsubishi Electric created tool that will be put on a surveying vehicle. GPS will line the area of the vehicle on the representation, and devices designed to spy the attitude of the vehicle will maneuver the roadway ranks. Collections also includes traffic lights, road signs, pedestrian crossing, left right turns all of these shall be gathered with help of lasers and will be represented in the form of dots. All of these data will help rebuilding 3-D maps with preciseness.

Japan expects to have 3-D maps of total 1.27 million km including 30,000 km of expressways. Estimated cost for 3-D maps production is likely to hit in millions of dollar and government is looking to adopt correct method for cost cutting in all areas.