Audi Electric Vehicle By 2020

Audi Electric Vehicle By 2020
The VW Group's bankable Audi name is rushing ahead with large ideas for electric automobiles and autonomous driving technology.

Recently, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler expressed that Audi name will open three fully electric models by 2020.

First will be electric version as Q6 crossover. We perceive that for the series-production version—and the one that was discarded.

Whatever its closing naming , the EV version of the Q6 will be available in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell version as well, with promising 300 miles and will be strong enough to take on the future BEV by Daimler and models of the Tesla version X.
Moreover, the Q6 EV is expressed to give its top performance consistently, and not be minor to just a few bursts of same. The crossover vehicle will cause the ordinal EV, which will be a variation on the same message with sportier body.

Third version is likely to be executive sedan, it is unlikely to be scheduled above the A8. So optimistic is Stadler about electric cars that he predicts a 25-to-30-percent take rate by 2025. A hydrogen-fueled Audi is critical as per Stadler. Other ideas in motion include the arrangement of an assistant to Audi that is internally labeled SDS, which stands for Self-driving Systems.

Stadler expressed that the institution's actual concentrations for free-driving school is the next-gen A8, which will have operated driving practicality. Stadler quoted as it is essential to be mindful and honest and Audi will include adequate condition maneuvers. And we won't promise more to the consumer than they will get. Audi SDS division aiming for autonomous without steering wheel and pedals.