2017 Mercedes-Benz C300 Coupe

2017 Mercedes-Benz C300 Coupe
In preceding eras of the Mercedes-Benz C-class, the version designated an automobile was more of a decorous two-door automobile. The brand-new one makes a more melodramatic end from the four-door version: Roofline is 1.5 inches debased and tapers quickly to the circular tail. The taillamps are crosswise rather than plumb, just as they are on the S-class automobile with a cleanable trunklid. In sedan body-side crease depressions as it travels front to procreate, while it remains continuous on the coupe sitting lower on wheels. Power out front is a large, low grille with floating chromium stars.

A large roof is grade—as in the BMW 4-series—the good to lighten the comfortable compartment. The elegance is the same as that of the C-class vehicle—in information, much of the indoor design is overlapped . Intense substances and liberally enlisted brightwork make this compartment a visual and tactile pleasure. Pay extra for an accretion camera ($460), heated rooms ($580), leather ($1620 for beautiful porcelain-colored hides), wood cut ($375) and steering.

The arousing front with intrinsic cushions are as cozy as they look, but the chairing point is debased than in sedan. Behind are two breed rooms, but it’s an accomplishment getting back there, and their abject inhabitants quickly come to understand the acts made for that leaning , narrow roofline. The stalk, while reasonably coated, finds its opening grip by the fast-leaning circular breed glassware.

The C-class vehicle displays new energy, with firm suspension than sedan, as well as fast riding, 19-inch wheels with season tires ($500) takes 157 feet to stop from 70 mph. This brand-new C-class remains more dynamic and sure than its precursors. Clocks 6.2 seconds to race to 60 mph from standstill. The C300 and the A5 Quattro autoloading goes neck to neck in terms of performance while remain more fast than lazy Lexus.

2017 Mercedes-Benz C300 comes with 2 liter four cylinder turbocharged using direct injection system to produce 241 horsepower and 273 lb-ft is about mid-pack in this segment, do not go well with seven speed transmission where as nine speed is likely to arrive in coming year. Weighing 3632 pounds, the C300 is dense over ATS and 428i.Turbo rattles motor is most offensive, can be overcome with auto stop/start feature where restarts is fairly creaseless. EPA is 23/30 mpg city/highway rating.

The C300 is beautiful stiff-riding steer good than any non-AMG C-class.

Starting Price $43,575
Vehicle Type 2 door coupe, front engine, rear wheel drive
Engine turbocharged, intercooled DOHC 16-valve I-4, direct fuel injection
Transmission 7-speed automatic, manual shifting mode
Horsepower 241 hp @ 5500 rpm
Torque 273 lb-ft @ 1300 rpm
Displacement 122 cu in
Wheelbase 111.8 in
Length 184.5 in
Width 71.3 in
Height 55.3 in
Curb weight 3632 lb
Passenger volume 86 cu ft
Cargo volume 11 cu ft
0-60 mph 6.2 secs.
0-100 mph 16.2 secs.
Top speed 130 mph
Rolling start (5-60 mph) 7.1 secs.
Top gear(30-50 mph) 3.8 secs.
Top gear(50-70 mph) 4.7 secs.
Braking (70-0 mph) 157 ft
Fuel economy (city/highway) 23/30 mpg
C/D observed 26 mpg
Pros comfortable front seats, shape, smooth cornering
Cons not really S-class, harmful drive, nonfunctional back seat