2017 Lotus Evora 400

2017 Lotus Evora 400
2017 Lotus Evora comes with good refreshing 3.5 liter supercharged and intercooled V-6 producing 400 horsepower at 7000 rpm and 302 lb-ft of torque at 3500 rpm, V-6 is fine, built well, very communicative and provide better efficiency. Immediate response is provided with light steering effort, rotation sensation remains very less, jumps with every jab at throttle and dives slightly under heavy braking.
Though is quick 400 is not enough to restrict outward behaving of the chassis. With 3200 pounds clocks 4.3 seconds to reach zero to 60 mph. Four piston calipers with larger two piece rotors makes car feels more heavier coming with exceptional braking ability. Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires provides lot more road grip. Drive, Sport and Race modes available to adjust stability control, throttle response.

This Evora version is quickest every built due to three element rear wing and new front splitter enforcing 71 pounds of downforce at 150 mph and also adds 55 more hp to 2014 Evora S, this power gained is due to intercooled and nine pounds of supercharged from an Edelbrock blower. Pairing with six speed transmission and Torsen limited slip differential comes as standard, while six speed paddle shifted automatic transmission is optional.

Revised chassis has smaller rocker sills and better torsional stiffness. Adding airbags, interior trim options as leather or microsuede is to cost $3400, no deal brakes in cabin, we find awkward offset pedal location. Rear seating is small and difficult to access.

Evora 400 price with $93,785 costlier than Porsche's 718 Cayman S and Corvette Grand Sport, company is going to find tough to sell.

Starting Price $93,785
Vehicle Type 2 door coupe, mid engine, rear wheel drive
Engine supercharged, intercooled DOHC 24-valve V-6, port fuel injection
Transmission -- 6-speed manual -- 6-speed automatic, manual shifting mode
Horsepower 400 hp @ 7000 rpm
Torque 302 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm
Displacement 211 cu in
Wheelbase 101.4 in
Length 171.7 in
Width 74.2 in
Height 48.4 in
Curb weight 3200 lb
Passenger volume 50-73 cu ft
Cargo volume 6-29 cu ft
0-60 mph 4.3 secs.
0-100 mph 10.4 secs.
Top speed 172 mph
Fuel economy (city/highway) 16/24 mpg
Pros driver satisfaction
Cons sensitive left foot braking, 400 not enough