2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia

[Photo Credit : Alfa Romoe]

It was in 2009 Sergio Marchionne promised Alfa coming back, but took these many years to make it happen.Alfa took time to develop rear drive platform itself. Production commenced in Frankfurt last year and will be available in U.S. by 2017.

Giulia will be releasing Quadrifoglio having turbocharged four cylinder engine while other version Cloverleaf will have dual turbo V-6 2.9L producing 505 hp.

Scott Kruger formed Dodge and SRT chief has design Alfa Giulia.Alfa Giulia influences teenage souls.

Quadrifoglio indeed has 505 horsepower.Peak power comes at 6500 rpm.Quadrifoglio comes with rear wheels drive using six speed manual or an eight speed automatic.

Alfa will be available in eight new models which is to use Giulia's platform having rear- or 4 wheel drive.