BMW i8 Plug in Hybrid Frozen Black

BMW i8 Plug in Hybrid Frozen Black
[Photo Credit : Nepa X]

BMW i8 plugin hybrid frozen black is outofbox thinking done by Bob Smith.Earlier this month they showed BMW i8 with Nardo Grey color, this time they come out with frozen black.

Applying vinyl wrap instead of full paint job, this frozen colors are yet to be made available in U.S. BMW UK will be first to have individual colors for their i8 plugin hybrid.

New color price starts from £5,495 which includes Speed Yellow, Java Green, Solar Orange, Twilight Purple Pearl, Frozen Grey, Frozen Black, San Marino Blue and Grigio Telesto Pearl. Finnishes available such as metallic, non-metallic, Xirallic (mixture of aluminium flakes or synthetic mica)

The 2016 BMW i8 is available in these (Ionic Silver, Protonic Blue, Crystal White and Sophisto Grey) colors.