2016 Honda Accord Coupe V-6 Automatic

2016 Honda Accord Coupe V-6 Automatic
Many of the goods that make the Honda Accord one of the best family sedan also allow it to be a refined-yet-affordable mid-size coupe, it’s also the last family sedan plate to be supplied in a two-door deviation. There are abundance of more-exciting two-door options accessible in the Honda’s value extent, from the all-brand-new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro to the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86. But the Accord stands apart for being less overtly fair, as well as for its front-wheel steer. Our preceding vulnerability to the 2016 Accord automobile has been minor to a v-6–energy EX-L version with a six-speed manual shell, in this appraisal we examine how the top-spec Touring version and its grade automatic transmission affect the experience.

Honda modified the styling and features of the Accord extent for 2016, but motor decisions move over, a 2.4-liter four-cylinder with 185 horsepower and 181 lb-ft of torque, and an elective 3.5-liter V-6 making 278 horsepower and 252 lb-ft of torque. Two-door models come grade with a six-speed manual transmission regardless of motor decision, and a continuously variable automatic is an option with the four-cylinder. The V-6­–only Touring coupe, which is brand-new to the roll for 2016, is accessible only with a received six-speed automatic, the same as all six-cylinder sedans.

The Touring’s automatic transmission and its more tool made our experiment instance about 150 pounds dense than the manual V-6 version. Despite the more mass, this 3545-pound automobile was fast, partially unpaid to being simple to open than its manual relative. It’s nearly as fast as the six-cylinder models of the Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang, with our experiment automobile demanding 5.6 seconds to come 60 mph versus the manual’s 5.8. Both cars saved the same 14.2-second pass through the quarter-mile. a radiating friction-command fact—or abounding wheelspin if you deactivate friction command—always accompanies full-throttle accelerations. But letting the automobile do all the work simply isn’t as much entertaining as shifting for yourself, especially given the manual Accord’s light and advanced grasping and the bountied, snickety-snick act of its stagehand. In opposition, the automatic feels arid and relatively sedate to change machines, even when using the steering wheel-mounted paddles. Dropping the stagehand into Sport method brings a more battleful software that holds gears longer, but it often still has to Pre-Raphaelite for the champion ratio. Our spied normal of 22 mpg is less than the EPA’s combined rating of 25 mpg, yet it’s likely more negotiator of what actual possessors would attain than the 19 mpg we saved while beating the manual automobile.

For examination, we’ve perceived 22 mpg from Ford Mustangs with both the more tough 3.7-liter V-6 and the 2.3-liter EcoBoost four. Although the Accord automobile’s electrically assisted steering is exact and notably compact than the four-door’s, being based on a front-steer family sedan means that our experiment automobile moved 63 proportion of its mass over the front shaft. This leads to lots of fail-safe, foreseeable understeer during boisterous controlling , conveying the Accord coupe is more of an impressive touring device. The Touring’s 19-inch wheels (18s are regular on lesser trims) and Michelin Primacy all-season tires offer retiring grasping—0.85 g of side fasten and a 70-to-zero-mph stopping spacing of 172 feet. The enormous wheels feel dense and affect the Accord’s otherwise worthy disposition over abrasive pavement. The Accord coupe’s sedan points also show in its beautiful, withheld styling, which is made more sharply here than in its more realistic relative, yet the automobile produces less display in traffic than most other two-doors.

With no rear-steer weaponry to meet, as in the Mustang and the Camaro, the Honda has 13 blockish feet of stalk space and a much more benevolent back seat that actually is livable for mature humans. The front half of the coupe’s compartment is largely the same as the four-door’s, with cozy rooms and generally beautiful substances. We wish Honda would meet a huge, high-res display with a digital meter in the device cluster.

Instead, the company puts two huge screens atop one another in the area pile, both of which can command definite audio, navigation system and automobile environments. It’s an awkward, unnecessary equipment in practice, with the debased unit a touchscreen and the top largely directed via steering wheels commands.

While determining for the four-cylinder Accord coupe starts at $24,710, V-6s commence at $31,860 with the EX-L, which comes nicely supplied with leather, heated front rooms, passive entry, an energy roof, dual-zone automatic climate command, a 360-watt audio system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, and much more, the automatic transmission is a no-cost option. The extent-topping Touring raises the MSRP to $35,060 and adds LED headlights, navigation system and Honda’s full roll of driver assistance technologies, adaptive cruise command, lane-departure warning and help and forward-collision warning and mitigation, several of which aren’t yet accessible on other, similarly determined coupes.

The Accord V-6 offers abundance of value for most automobile customers, even if Honda won’t let you set the manual with navigation and most of the chauffeur immunodeficiencies. Yet, only about five proportion of the 350,000-plus Accords traded in 2015 were two-doors, which is a payment analyzed with the measures for horse vehicles. While that makes this coupe relatively distinctive, virtually all of its performance and broad quality can be had in the Accord sedan, along with the service of four doors. Remove the one feature that differentiates the two-door V-6 Accord, the contentment of a row-your-own manual transmission and the automatic coupe is really just a fast, but less helpful, version of an sedan we are fond of.

Starting Price $31,860
Vehicle Type 2 door coupe, front engine, front wheel drive
Engine SOHC 24-valve V-6, port fuel injection
Transmission 6-speed automatic, manual shifting mode
Horsepower 278 hp @ 6200 rpm
Torque 252 lb-ft @ 4900 rpm
Displacement 212 cu in
Wheelbase 107.3 in
Length 189.5 in
Width 73 in
Height 56.5 in
Curb weight 3545 lb
Passenger volume 94 cu ft
Cargo volume 13 cu ft
0-60 mph 5.6 secs.
0-100 mph 14 secs.
Top speed 101 mph
Rolling start (5-60 mph) 5.8 secs.
Top gear(30-50 mph) 3.1 secs.
Top gear(50-70 mph) 4.2 secs.
Braking (70-0 mph) 172 ft
Fuel economy (city/highway) 21/32 mpg
C/D observed 22 mpg
Pros spacious, strong engine, good use of technology
Cons fussy dual info screens