2016 Second Generation Audi R8

2016 Audi R8
The new Audi R8 is quickest car Audi has ever made.Offet cylinder bank and changing firing intervals 54 deg and 90 deg.Peak power at 8000 rpm, peak rvs close to 9000 rpm, this makes R8 with 20 percent improvment in throttle response. The new Audi R8 is 5 percent lighter and 40 percent more rigid, by mixing aluminium casting extrusions and sheets with resin-transfer moulded, carbonfibre polymer parts.

All of external body panel is built using aluminium.R8 V10 Plus weight is 1555kg, along with optional kit it weighs 1730kg. R8 comes up with axle tracks in gear, which makes front wider than rear.V10 Plus has passive jumpers with 19-inch alloy wheels. Steering powered with Electro mechanical power assistance.Options includes adaptive magnetorheological dampers and active-ratio dynamic steering.Quattro drivetrain comes with limited slip differential for rear axle i.e. locking 45 percent under power and 25 percent on the overrun, multi plate cluth is able to provide more powers to the front wheels.

Audi R8 interior dropped from high standars which Audi is reputed for.But look and feel of cockpit overmake this drop. Cockit a large curved arch of trim that border the center console and door trip on either side of drivers seat, encompassing instrument cluster and steering wheel providing impression of a racing car. The Virtual Cockpit is operated via steering wheel remote controls or MMI rotary interface on the center console.R8 gets MMI system as standards i.e. equipped with navigation, infotainment and connectivity, wi-fi hotspot available. A 13-speaker Bang & Olufsen is optional.