2016 Ford Focus SE EcoBoost

2016 Ford Focus SE EcoBoost
Ford Focus SE sedan comes up with EcoBoost engine. Ford Focus SE sedan uses automatica transmission as manual transmission demands is getting lower day by day.

Despite facelift in 2015 it was unable to competite against better versions of Chevrolet Cruz, Masda 3, Honda Civic which were having better and sharper driving dynamics.

Engine is even smaller to use in motorcyle, is manufactured in Romania 1.0-liter three cylinder, 12 valvue aluminium head wiht integral exhaust, direct fuel injection,turbocharger and long stroke.Frank crank pully minimizes vibrations. 123 hp 6000 rpm, torque at 3500 rpm with 125 lb-ft.

Six speed automatic along with 1.0 liter turbo offers plenty of pickup.Transmission works in same ways as in manual.Power remains contacts through gears shifting.Average is 28 mpg and 40 mpg in city and highway respectively. EcoBoost Appearance packs includes bigger wheels, rear disc brakes, LED lamps, fog lamps.You will soft moan when drived normally.

Steering is accurate and well weighted, provides minimal road feel. Damping is excellent, suspension do not crash into bump.Braking is goog with no issues and body roll is never excessive. Brake pedal is firm, decelaration is proportional to pressure applied, 16 inch tires with aluminium attractive wheels.

Acceleration speed is 60 mph within 10.2 seconds i.e. 0.3 second lower than a Focus electric. While 2.0 liter Focus with manual transmission hits 60 mph within 7.9 seconds.

Automatic transmission help smoothing downshift and upshift throttling.EcoBoost provides 18 percent wider gear ratio. Finally with small engine its just overmatched with traditional automatice.