2016 Porsche 911 R Is Extraordinary Track Machine

Porsche 911 R is extraordinary track day machine, with massive lateral acceleration.911 R challenges its driver with optimal lap time.
911 R is designed for fun.

Gearbox six manually selected gears replace seven selected by paddles.Motorsport depart of Porsche has their own idea to opt for seven manual gear, as they insisted that you should push sequential gear forwards rather than going down or back to change them.
Engine is same 4.0 litre, 493 hp six masterpiece, due to lower frictional losses in gearbox, a little more is find to rear wheels.

911 R body uses carbonfibre front wings, plastic rear screen. it lacks aerodynamic look.Normal Carrera rear wing to apply more downforce at higher speed.

911 R has 200mph machine, beneath it has largely flat floor and rear diffuser, a titanium exhaust.Weight is 50 kg less to GT3 RS , kerb weight is 1370 kg.

Chasis side GT3 RS settings are removed, without RS downforce, no need for suspension to be super stiff to support the body, springs comes from GT3 instead, bespoke damer iteration, re-programmed rear wheel steer and a new steering map too.

Front and Rear tire is 245mm and 305mm respectively.Porschem 911R carbon ceramic brakes are standard for which you need to pay extra.

Manual gearbox is one of the Porsche's finest.Steering is far lighter to GT3 RS. We may see hydraulic steering in coming versions.

Noise reduction remains good, accelerates faster than a GT3 RS , and redline approaches when touches 8800 rpm.Grip on Michelin tyres is massive.911 R is more mobile.Rear wheelbase of 991 chasis is too long even with rear steer.

Only 991 pieces will be produced of 911 R and will be offered to preferred customers and it is going to cost million to grab one from owner.

911 R is cleverly built, body of a Carrera, motor of an RS, GT3 suspension and so on.

911 R is not better to GT3 RS but is a differnt car, and Porsche's Motorsport deparment wants driver to enjoy driving it.

Starting Price $199,047
Engine 6 cyls, 3996cc
Transmission 6-spd manual
Horsepower 493bhp at 8250rpm
Torque 339lb ft at 6250rpm
Curb weight 1370 kg
0-60 mph 3.8 sec
Top speed 200 mph
Fuel economy (city/highway) 21.2mpg (combined)