Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe Aerodynamic Body Kit

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe
TopCar has designed aerodynamic body for Mercedes-Benz GLe Coupe, keeping intact factory key style.Keeping corporate constraint in mind Inferno is provide bold and aggressive look.Front Bumper, carbon fiber muscilar hoold, side air intakes, bumpers with large diffuser, all of these generates energy as of SUV coupe.

Car is equipped with sensor and radars, body kit uses Kevlar by vacuum foaming with carbon fiber.Being accomodating sensors read bumpers are use to build up with radio-transport material using technology used in aviation automotive.

GLE Coupe Aerodynamic kit is to include, hood, expnaders of front and rear fenders, pads on front renders with logo, side skirts, front bumper aerodynamic elements and diffuser, air intakes on rear doors, rear bumper with air vents and diffuser.

This Aerodynamic body kit can be applied on any version of GLE Coupe.