Ousta Ride Hailing Service In Egypt Feels Has Local Advantage

Ousta Ride Hailing Service In Egypt Feels Has Local Advantage
Egypt population is around 90 million, Ousta is to offer ride-hailing, ride-sharing services throughout Egypt apart form Uber and Careem.

Being local, Egyptians are preferring over global providers.Ousta begin services from Cairo, Ousta now operated in fiver major towns of Egypt with over 2,000 cars.Remeber in Cairo local taxi-drivers protested entry of Ousta and service even where halted.Ousta has plans to operate in all over Egypt within two year from now.

Nader El-Batrawi owes two startups Jobzella and Ousta startup.Along with Nestlé North America, Omar Salah both release Android and iOS version of app.Operational is similar to Uber, Lyft but founders are planning to reinvent wheel and they feel being local has more upper hands.

Ousta has emergency alert signal button called SOS, drivers can press it to raise alert, during trip.This SOS will remain useful in many occassions as harrasments, kidnapping, riots etc.. Other feature is for customer who can see fare calculated in Real Time.This way customer will have a better and clear idea about the fare he has to pay.

For transparency Ousta make use of social media instead of email automation.Social media will enable more loyalty.Peak hours tarrif and on deman prices are the ones which Ousta seems to have control, they opt to provide service by keeping same tarrif irrespective of situation, hours and demand.

Ousta is bootstrapping their funding operations and eager to have VC on board.Compare to Uber and Careem where both are financially good funded, Ousta is operating with limited resource.But their policy to keep price same in all circumstances can prove a big plus.

Co founders wants to expand more and how only time can tell.