Uber Predicts To Have Top Spot In China Within Two Years

Uber Predicts To Have Top Spot In China Within Two Years
Uber rivals Didi Chuxing and want to hold top spot in China's ride-hailing service.

Zhen Liun, SVP Strategy Uber China, confirmed as Uber will like to overtake Didi in terms of marketshare within twelve months, this he stated based on growth found in China for Uber.Uber operated in eight cities last year and had one percent marketshare, while now we've one third of the marketshare and expanded our services to near about sixty China cities.

Didi Chuxing has done remarkably well in China, and is leader at the moment,but with Uber on roll and as per statistics, Uber did something more remarkable to Didi Chuxing.Didi facing fierce rivarly from Uber.

Operating in more than 400 cities of China, at this moment its hard to state exact winner, although at this moment Didi has a clear lead.
Remember Uber sees China as the most important market in global.Liu thinks as Uber is to hold key lead in coming days in all major cities of China.

While Apple join hands with Didi, Apple Has Invested $1 Billion In Didi Chuxing To Compete Uber.Didi is backed by up Alibaba and Tencent.

Based on Uber statement and prediction, Didi's International Strategy Li Zijian said as at this moment firm is not concerned with others.
He even said, yes there is increase in competitors but one has to remain focus in what's in front of you and do not have to look back as who is coming.