Morgan Motor EV3 Zero Emission Motoring

Morgan Motor EV3 Zero Emission Motoring
The British automake Morgan Motor has produced three wheeler car with plenty of wood.Morgan has rediscovered three wheeler car in year 2011.EV3 with new technology is able to provide excitement along with responsible driving.

Car has aluminium panels and carbon fiber hood over ash wood.EV3 is Morgan's standar 3 wheeler and it looks like a bathtub.
Car is made up of logical material of choice.

20 KW hour lithium battery has brass cooling and with single offset headlight.Gear and Switches are kept inbetween speedometer and indicator.46 KW helps to drive back wheel and 150 is mile-range.Weight is near about 500 kg and top speeds touches 90 mph.Accelerates to 62 mph within 3 seconds.

With autonomous entering into market people i doubt will prefer three wheeler car.