Ferrari 458 MM Speciale Designed Specifically For A British Client

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale
Ferrari 458 MM Speciale is British customer illustration.Its one of a kind creation by Italian Automaker. Ferrari 458 MM Speciale is having hardcore 458's chassis,running gear,rest is built with aluminium and carbon-fibre composition.

Company revealed as this British client intended to have extremely sporty lines with visor effect for the glasshouse.For better revealation car A-pillars is painted black to provide wraparound look. Car gets whole n ew front and rear which is a stand out difference to other car.Tail lamps are 488 GTB.Changes in side air scoop,real spoiler has aerodynamic look.Wheels has finnishing touches. Bianco Italia paint used For Italian flag which runs across the car.

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale inside uses Cioccolato leather along with white stiches,satin white rings around tunnel controls and enhance audio system, all these were done as per customer's wish. Performance issue remains untcouched as company did not reveal,though we can assume using mid-mounted 4.5 litre V8 is kept untouched. With 605 PS and 540 Nm toruqe to the rear wheels via a seven speed dual clutch transmission. Acceleration will be 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds, top speed remains 325 km/h.

If money not an issue and you've heavy pocket, Ferrari depicts out as per your heart wish.