BMW To Celebrate 100th Anniversary With A Protonic Red In Japan

BMW i8 Protonic Red
BMW's standard plug-in hybrid i8 is available in six paint schemes, Japan gets special red color and that is even for limited time period.

Configuring a BMW i8, you’ll most likely be prompted by the vehicle’s color palette, which is rather poor, being limited to four basic colors with different accents (that’s how there six options available).

BMW’s Japanese division as part of a special limited edition fleet created to commemorate the car maker’s 100th anniversary

Dubbed the “Celebration Edition”, the i8 features the same characteristics as the Protonic Red Limited Edition variant showcased at the Geneva Motor Show – including the “Frozen Gray Metallic” accents, and the W-spoke 470 light-alloy wheels.

Only 20 units will be offered throughout Japan, and each one will come with an interior badge to attest its rarity and individuality. The cabin will also feature carbon-fiber interior trim, black ceramic selector lever, exclusive door sill plates and storage package (handy in the sports hybrid).

The 357 horsepower hybrid, along with the ¥23,210,000 ($208,913) BMW M6 special, is part of BMW Japan’s centenary collection, and it will cost you ¥22,000,000 ($197,945) to own.