Actev Motor's unveils Electric Arrow Smart-Kart For Kids

Actev Motor's unveils Electric Arrow Smart-Kart For Kids
Tony Fadell Nest's Co-creator do not only build aritificial intelligence thermostats but focussing now on Cars for kids.Fadell is claiming more fame in the world of technology.Fadell has already design early version of iPhones,many iPods. Fadell is ceo and co-founder in Nest which is Alphabet owned.At Nest Fadell built intelligent thermostate and smoke detectors.

Fadell currently unveils Actev Motor's Arrow Smart-Kart for kids at New York Toy Fair. He is sure to provide kids what cars like and rides.Fadell is a father and building this kart makes him prod of being parent and it reminds him of his childhood.Fadell is co-founder of Actev Motors, a Silicon Valley startup.

Arrow Smart-Kart is going to cost around $600 with pre-order and it comes along with app-based controls. The electric smart-kart includes GPS, WiFi to keep kids safe during driving.Parents can use mobile application to limit top speed of electric vehicle, along with this parents can fence kids driving range along with stop button used in an below 10 years can use this vehicle keeping their height in minds.Vehicle has proximity sensor to automoatically prevent accidents.This is the first electric go-kart for children with all these controls.Maximum speed is 12 miles per hour and parents can adjust it using app.The app also has some features meant for kids, including keeping tab of driving time, total distance, and speed.

With electric cars coming into play in coming decades Fadell insist to teach next generation about electric vehicles.

Fadell has complete different type of responsibility in building this kids EV compare to what he does at Nest.He recalls his childhood,where he constructed bird house,repaired lawnmovers,bikes and building soap box derby cars with his grandfather.

Fadell also insisted an adult version for grown-up racers.

U.S. toy indsutry has always grab attentions for startups, there are many entities available in form of animals,board games,dolls and other traditional toys.With technological advancement Silicon Valley has paid attention to kids market segment either inventing their own tech toys or partnering with big names like Mattel

Actev’s Arrow Smart-Kart is far more expensive than the main competitor on the market, Mattel’s Fisher-Price Power Wheels, which generally prices between $260 to $400. But Arrow Smart-Kart has Wi-Fi-enabled abilities, can be used by older kids, and achieves higher speeds. The smartphone capabilities also add an element of safety that Power Wheels can’t deliver.