GTZero A Stunning Design By Italdesign

GTZero A Stunning Design By Italdesign
Electric Car Entusiasts may not be interested in Luxury cars.Any good entry in automotive market is good for customer. As a Gran Turismo, the GTZero’s design goes a long way in helping electric vehicles dissociate themselves from the ‘weird-mobile’ look some automakers have been pushing.

Designed by Filippo Perini,a renowned design director who worked at Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo and Audi, before joining Italdesign last year. Perini referred to the design as “a tribute to Italdesign’s history and a for its future”.

The veteran designer added that while they were looking at the future when designing the GTZero, they didn’t want the concept to lose its grip on reality and it shows with what looks like a modern take on Italian GTs.

The monocoque carbon frame helps reduce the weight of the car, which helps efficiency and range. The battery-powered all-electric platform of the vehicle features 3 separate electric motors for an all-wheel drive and 4 wheel-steering system.

In a press release, the company describes the platform:

“In this all-electric version the batteries are integrated into the frame and inside the central tunnel, whilst the three electric motors are distributed between the front and rear axles (two on the front, one on the rear); in the hybrid version the drive shaft will be located inside the tunnel.”

The all-electric version is expected to deliver an overall power of 360 kW; its top speed is limited to 250 km/h (155 mph) and it claims a range of about 500 km (310 miles) on a single charge. Italdesign also said that 80% of the charge is achievable in about 30 minutes.

The interior features a three-level dashboard display with OLED technology.

While it’s unlikely that we will soon see the vehicle on the market, Italdesign often licenses its technology and designs to other automakers. Audi is the firm’s parent company and several of its designs ended up in vehicles manufactured by Audi/VW’s brands.