Victory Motorcycle Unveils Electric Motorcycle Victory RR Will Participate The Isle Man

Victory Motorcycle Unveils All-Electric Motorcycle 'Victory RR'
The Victory RR is another child of Victory Motorcycle’s union with electric bike maker Brammo through their parent company Polaris.
“Our electric Empulse RR race bike placed third on the podium in the TT Zero race last year, which we were thrilled with. Using the data we gathered on our laps of the TT course has helped us to develop a new battery module as well as improving the powertrain. We feel like we can return to the TT with more performance as well as being able to test this technology for our future products.”

The RR has a peak power output of over 170hp and weights only 240 kg.

William Dunlop, who stood on the TT podium five times, will be racing Victory’s latest creation next month at the Isle of Man and he is gunning for a first place.

Victory Motorcycles racing for a return to the podium at the Isle of Man TT with all-new Victory RR electric motorcycle

- William Dunlop confirmed as the rider
- All-new electric race bike called the Victory RR
- Race bike is a test bed for Victory’s future powertrains

Victory Motorcycles is returning with the Victory Racing team to compete in the Isle of Man TT Zero race with an all-new electric race bike called the Victory RR.

The Victory RR electric motorcycle has been developed over the past year using data gathered during last year’s TT Zero and will be ridden by William Dunlop.

It means Victory Racing is fielding entries in two of the world’s most gruelling road races – Pikes Peak in the USA and the Isle of Man TT in Europe.

Commenting on the return to the Isle of Man TT, Alex Hultgren, Director of Marketing for Victory Motorcycles said: “One way we continuously push ourselves in performance is through our Victory Racing initiatives. The Isle of Man TT is one of the most challenging motorcycle races in the world, so of course we have to be there.”

Victory’s international R&D development program is well underway and the Victory RR bike, as well as the ones racing at Pikes Peak, are test beds for technology that will be used in the firm’s future products.

Length 2089 mm
Width 680 mm
Height 1218 mm
Curb weight 240 kg
Horsepower 174
Torque 240
Engine Battery (Brammo Power Lithium-Ion Battery Voltage (Vdc) 370 or more)